PyBridge Studio
Latest version:

A bundle with all PyBridge components. Following components are included:

Product nameVersionDescription

Component for tracking changes in the directory contents and generating events/triggers if such changes occur

Component for embedding multiple files into a 1 single file with a tree structure, preserving their original format. No archiving. Work with embed files could be done directly without unpacking them.

Component for handling Memory Mapped Files will store matrices, vectors or the whole array of files in the RAM and share this data between several programs.

Component for handling Neo4j - an ACID-compliant transactional database with native graph storage and processing

Component for handling pipes will let your independent programs exchange data directly in RAM without writing it on a disk.

Component for handling full Redis database API - an open source in-memory NoSQL data structure, cache, message broker and streaming engine.

Component for handling RedisGraph  - a fast graph database powered by linear algebra and matrix multiplication based on Redis

Component for working with Time Series data structure in Redis - downsampling, compaction, min, max, avg, sum, range, deviations...

Component for working with RSA cryptosystem