PBClient for RedisTimeSeries
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Component for working with Time Series data structure in Redis – downsampling, compaction, min, max, avg, sum, range, deviations and much more.

PBClient for RedisTimeSeries will provide you with:
  • TPBRedisTimeSeries.TS_CREATE
  • TPBRedisTimeSeries.TS_MADD
  • TPBRedisTimeSeries.TS_INFO


  1. In order for this component to work you have to obtain, install and run the respective Redis software and its licenses. We do not provide any Redis software.
  2. PBClient for RedisTimeSeries requires PBClient for Redis as the core component. It should be installed to provide a connection with the Redis server.

OS compatibility

Microsoft Windows
7 SP2 x64
8 x64
8.1 x64
10 x64
11 x64

RAD Studio compatibility

10 Seattle
10.1 Berlin
10.2 Tokyo
10.3 Rio
10.4 Sydney
11 Alexandria