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Component for tracking changes in the directory contents and generating events/triggers if such changes occur. Following events/triggers are available: create, delete, change, rename.

Case study:

  • No API.
    Program for automatic counting of plant embryos. It is necessary to acquire data from the scanner which has no API. Scanner is saving the files into a certain folder. As soon as a new scan appears in the folder, PBDirectoryMonitor tells the main program that new scans are available. The main program can now process them.
  • Anti-piracy or fool-proofing.
    Program for testing high pressure pumps. It is necessary to prevent files, which are important for the program to work, from unauthorized modifications like being changed or deleted. PBDirectoryMonitor signals about such changes. The main program decides to set all IO-devices gently back to their idle values and exits with corresponding error message.


OS compatibility

Microsoft Windows
7 SP2 x64
8 x64
8.1 x64
10 x64
11 x64

RAD Studio compatibility

10 Seattle
10.1 Berlin
10.2 Tokyo
10.3 Rio
10.4 Sydney
11 Alexandria