About us

About us

Core algorithms, polished and ready to execute

We are an Independent Software Vendor specialized in creating easy-to-use programming tools for software developers. Our main target IDE platform is RAD Studio with the coding languages Delphi and C++. Apart from creating our own software solutions, we give software developers an enjoyable way of automating well-known 3d party software solutions in the coding language they are familiar with. Additionally, we provide support for our programming tools. This helps our partners to grow the business ecosystem around theirs products. Our know-how is used by many companies and individuals, making their workday easier.

Which products do we sell?

Our products are components and component bundles. A component is a programming tool for a software developer. Some of our products are a bundle of multiple component products. We refer to such bundles as “Studio” or “components bundle”.

We do not sell any branded 3d party products like Microsoft Teams or Neo4j Graph Database. Instead we provide an easy solution for the programmers to control them programmatically via API provided by the brand authority. Our products by themselves do not install, run or use a running instance of a 3d party software. In order for our products to work, our customers have to obtain, install and run 3d party software and their respective licenses personally. We are not a cloud provider.

Registered office:
PyBridge UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Stresemann Str. 15
06484 Quedlinburg
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Dmitri Pescianschi
Court branch:
Amtsgericht Stendal HRB 27106